Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Whatchu Doin Wednesdays | Events

Curvy ladies in LA here's a great chance to get out and meet and greet some wonderful people in the Curvy Community.  I've been to a few of the Curvy Girl events had an awesome time.  If you make the event please drop me a line and let me know how much fun you had.  #JellyICan'tAttend

There's only 1 more slot left for the Girl Code Google Hangout on 11/5.  Will it be you?  We'll be chatting it up with some new friends and some favorites like SisterSaveALot, Antoinette Peterson.  Tackling subjects like:

  • Lingerie, is it worth the price we pay for it?
  • Why do men say stupid things?
  • Monthly curse remedies

If you can't make this one don't worry there will be more!  Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the Curvy Momager YouTube channel to check out the hangout.  If you want to "jockey" for that last spot email me at


The Curvy Momager

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