Monday, October 21, 2013

Moment In Life Monday | Fitness Photo A Day Challenge

We have all started photo a day challenges and most of us can't quite seem to get to the end of them. 
Down 3 lbs, 5 to go!

I personally lose interest and get so far behind that I couldn't catch up to all the greatness that others are posting so I secretly just scan everyone's AMAZINGness.  But not this time!  The creator of the #myhealthylifexchallenge really is on to some serious Fitspo here.  I've met so many wonderful and inspirational people this month through this challenge, it's really kept me on my toes about eating better and working out.  Sure there have been days that I didn't snap a shot on my swanky S3 (with cracked screen) but I was always motivated to play catch up this time.  Check out the challenge and be sure to follow @My_Healthy_Life_X on Instagram for inspiration to get your goals accomplished.  I only have 11 days to finish mine for the month so I hope there is a November challenge coming too!

I won the photo challenge for this day.

Keep Livin It Up,

Curvy Momager

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  1. Work it girl! I need to get back in the gym, it's been way too long since I've been on a treadmill.