Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful Thursdays | Girlfriends

Sometimes all you need is your Girlfriends.  I'm so lucky to have them and pray that every woman at least has one good one!  Over the years I have met some amazing women that have not
only given me advice, cried with me, picked up my children from school, taught me things about being a single mother and laughed with me when I needed to hear a laugh but have honestly just made my life experience so much richer by being in their circle.  Some of them I might not talk to everyday but no matter when we talk we can just pick right back up where we were.  The joys of having a Girlfriend are to many to mention!

If you have a special girlfriend share this post with her and let her know just how thankful you are that she is your bestie!

Back to chasing the dream,

Curvy Momager

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