Thursday, May 28, 2015

Let the Good Times begin

It's officially vacation time for this Momager and her crew.  Everybody deserves to get away and we are taking get away to the ultimate on this trip.  I'm going to be signing off for the next few days to recharge my batteries in the island of Aruba.  Ever been there?  It's like amazeballs and when you leave you wonder why the heck you got on the plane.  Get there if you've never been.  I'm also having the most spectacular traveling experience on jetBlue.  I mean like this is the VIP (only way we roll) of airlines and that sleep kit for my overnight napping on the red eye to NYC can never be duplicated.

Now on to the next flight and hopefully the kiddos will stop asking, "How long will it take?"  I mean can't they read the signs just like me?  They are Honor Roll students right?  Ugghhh kids sometimes.  But I'm sure once we land, get by the water and some fruity drinks -- for me-- then all that traveling angst will be bye bye.  Hey that's a suggestion for jetBlue a MUTE button for moms traveling alone with kids.  EiYiYi!

Until next week ya'll I'll be chillin' and reading lots of magazines and books.  Hope you are enjoying life to the fullest.


The Curvy Momager

PS.  Vacation mentioned on Social Media Disclaimer - If you are reading this post and think you can break into my crib since I'm on vacation I'd suggest you think again.  I know people that know people!

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