Friday, May 15, 2015

Mom School | The List

It is NCAA viewing season and all the ballers are praying [picture emoji praying hands here] scouts come and watch their games so they can reach the college of their dreams.  Recently someone said to me, "It's not the college the player wants it's the college that is going to want them."  I did some thinking about that one and understand the mechanics of that situation but also realize that putting in the work can change the outcome of any situation.  So Momagers, in this edition of #MomSchool I share with you one of the first steps you and your player need to take, printing off the list of schools from the NCAA website.  Now don't let this list overwhelm you, it's HUGE but you can organizing by region, class and location which helps. That way if your kid is really looking at D1 you can concentrate there or if they only want to be in a certain state you can concentrate there.

After you've printed the list sit down together, identify the schools of interest and research them, see if they would be a good fit for your player.  Pull information on:

  • Coaches
  • Degree programs 
  • Past players
  • Scouting reports
  • Players that have done well at the school, 
  • Positions that will be up for grabs (i.e. graduating players, possible early exits)

Please make sure the player is involved in the process, it's their journey and they need to show some interest in doing the work OFF the court too.  Alright now breathe and pick your top 5 - 10.  Take into consideration that you should select schools from each division, just a tip, the more options the better.  Now take a break and get ready for the next edition of #MomSchool!  Oh wait before I forget use technology to your advantage by setting up Google Alerts on your favorite school programs.  If you need assistance on how to do this email me and I'll give you the assist [sorry had to throw in some bball lingo], EMAIL ME:


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