Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Momager Dopeness | Be LillyBee Fly this Season

Hey there Momagers!  You know I am always on top of how we can rock out in the gym but look like the Divalious Moms of Athletes that we are.  Welp this post is no different.  Take a look at the haute footware splendor that will have you not only getting looks but owning them.

MSU Wedge, $88

Yes, I of course have to put the schools that my baby wants to represent one day soon.  These wedges would be so comfy standing screaming for him to shoot a 3!  The peep toe is my fav part. You won't be tardy for the party with this #Sparty peep toe!

TCU Rainboots $84
Now TCU colors are bold and in charge, what better way to rep a school right?  This ultra cute rainboot wouldn't get much wear in the gym but hey a moms gotta support ALL the school teams, football anyone?  Throw on your favorite jeans, TCU Horned Frog shirt and insert an umbrella and viola InstaStyleDiva!

Colgate Flip Flop $48
And what moms shoe gallery wouldn't be complete without a stylish flip flop?  These Colgate University flip flops give you the option of sporting some shorts or cute maxi dress in blue with a red accent.  What better way to represent your favorite baller?  Let's go Raiders!
Rest assured once we know The Phenom's final destination all three of these babies will be making an appearance in my closet.  LillyBee does have each of these selections without college emblems so you can still show some school spirit for any school, just choose the color that represents your school.  Let's go Golden Hawks!  

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