Monday, September 14, 2015

LMLIM | Rachel Ray and me in the kitchen

Last month I posted a foodie picture that I got from Rachel Ray's magazine and folks was goin' GAGA over it.  Soooooo I promised that I'd share the recipe below BUT be warned, it's not hard to make but you must pay attention.  Especially when your shrimp are "roasting" in the oven.  Those boogers are so sensitive.  GEESH!

If you make it post a picture and tag me.  It's great with a glass of wine.  I actually felt like I was having a grown up meal instead of the usually hamburger or spaghetti I make around here.  Who knows cooking just might be my new thing - nah, but eating is always going to be.  (Giggles)

*Recipe courtesy of Rachel Ray Magazine September, 2015.

1 comment:

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