Monday, June 22, 2015

Curvy Momagers' Court | Sports Report 6/21


Look's like Dwayne is flirting with the idea of moving the Wade Show to the LakeShow.  Talks
between the two have begun but no final word on if Wade will opt out of his Miami contract.  He somewhat eluded during his NBA Finals commentating that "when he was in Miami", and the rumors have been flying since then.


It's expected that Kentucky's Towns will be selected1st in the draft this week going to the Timberwolves.  Other expected picks can be found here: Bleacher Report's Top Round Picks


Have you ever found yourself yelling or at least thinking, "That ref can't call s#@%!"?  You are certainly not alone and after doing some research found some great techniques to get my point across without seeming like a crazy Momager!  After all Zebras have feeling too.

- Know the game.  Yea I'm guilty of this one, The Phenom will tell you I don't have a clue sometimes so I'm dedicated to know what the calls mean.  You can check out this YouTube video as a great reference: Calls Refs Make

- Tape the games.  Technology is a beautiful thing, if you think a ref is making bad calls continually you can send the video to the powers that be (school AD, district athletic's department) to prove your point.

- Give the ref a break. They can't catch every call but as long as they are calling the majority of the game the right way understand when you don't get EVERY call.  This shows your player not only good sportsmanship but that they have to play through bad calls.

See ya next week on the CMs' Court Report!

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