Monday, March 16, 2015

My March Madness crushes

Yes it has arrived, every basketball fans favorite time of the year March Madness!  This year I can't help but share with you some of my 2015 college basketball player crushes.  Crushing because of their game not romantically.  Giving yall the #CookieLyons side eye if that is what you thought.

FIRST up is Duke point guard Tyus Jones.  This kid doesn't drive the lane he owns it.  His take no prisoners mentally when he's up against guys 4 inches taller (he measures at 6'1") is what motivates my Phenom to have a dream.  The fact that they share the same birthday, 5/10, was just far too coincidental too!  Jones is also being looked at to receive MVP of his conference this year -- impressive for a freshman.  Duke suffered a tough loss to Norte Dame last week stopping them from moving forward in the ACC Conference playoffs but a good showing is expected in upcoming NCAA tourney play.  Whatever the outcome I am sure Tyus will continue to be explosive and motivate.  

Check back tomorrow and see who else makes the list. 

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