Thursday, January 22, 2015

Curvy Momagers Court | 5 New Ways to Appreciate Life

Uncrazy Your Family - Take advice from one of today's largest TV starts Taraji P Henson who says, "Loyalty and communication are huge.  Grandma Patsy, who is 92, keeps us in line.  Nobody wants to disappoint Miss Patsy!"

Make extra-nice - Leave a note with a complement for a co-worker, take the shopping cart back so it doesn't run into someone's car, tell your kids teacher how great she is with her students.  Practice a random act of kindness and give the appreciation and it will reciprocate.

Change a life - So many organizations you can donate and give your time to.  Support the ones that some won't support and change a life.  Check out Campaign for Female Education.

Catch up with some old pals - Plan that easy breezy dinner party and get your old pals together.  Nothing like a little reunion to get you laughing and enjoying how far you have really come.

Live like a millionaire - According to Ron Lieber, " The people who say money can't buy happiness are using their money wrong."  Whelp I guess we have to check out his book The Opposite of Spoiled to find out why.

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