Monday, November 17, 2014

LMLIM | We tried it and so should you

With the schedules we have Momagers I have no idea how we fit it all in.  Cooking, cleaning, work, spending quality time with kids and tons of other things leave me wiped by the end of the week.  One area I have really needed some assistance in however is cooking.  As I've told you before that is not my speciality but I was running through one too many drive-thrus and reading horror stories of food tampering so I decided it was time to take cooking seriously (somewhat).

In one of my favorite magazines they have this cool section titled, Feed your Family.  It gives you a week's worth of menu suggestions by the day (M-F), the recipe, nutritional content and a grocery list so you can purchase exactly what you need.  I felt like this was a good place for me to start so on Sunday I made up a few of the recipes so when were were leaving The Phenoms practice at 8:30 PM we could pull into the garage at home instead of yet another fast food drive thru.

I'll have to say they were fascinated that I made some much food in one day.  Actually one of the dishes barely made it to the next day and I'm dubbing that one the favorite from this list, Baked Tortellini.  It was super easy to make and they gulped it down.

The second favorite was Garlic Shrimp and then the Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad. The only one that wasn't a huge fan hit was Stir-Fried Beef with Clementines.  I don't think I got the right cut of beef on this one so I'll try it again another time.  Most of all I'm happy to report that we have not eaten out all week and that is UNHEARD of and one major accomplishment for this mama right here.  Get a copy of the All You November 2014 edition now before they are gone.  If you have a schedule like ours you are really going to love having 1 Week of 5 Easy Meals.  Nom Nom Nom

Keep it fresh Momagers,


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