Monday, November 24, 2014

Curvy Momager's Court | You wanna call me fat?

About a month ago the Today Show aired a segment on an actress (reality star) Kate Hopkins, that had gained weight (50 lbs) in order to prove that fat people (her words) were whiney and could lose weight if they wanted to.  She was tired of people telling her how "lucky" she was that she was skinny.  Hmmm um.

You can watch the segment here:  Woman Packs on 50 pounds to prove....

Her after weight gain  picture is below in which she said she felt like a complete slob because she packed on 6500 calories a day.  Even began crying because she was having trouble taking off the last few pounds.  side eye Though she hasn't reached her "before" weight she is a total advocate that fat people are lazy.  Trick please!  Who the hell made her the fat psychiatrist?  Without any scientific research she is just deeming anyone over a certain number on the scale as fat.  What about those with medical problems, slow metabolism or hell ones that just like cheeseburgers.  Are they or we really getting on her nerves that much or was it the 15 minutes of fame she has been dying for?

Think about what you are doing lady.  The millions of people with weight issues aren't going to start running marathons because you were dumb enough to do something that people try all their lives not to do.  Truly you only pissed us off because my healthy curves, to me look a helluva lot better then that washed out "before" picture of your arse.  But because I ain't a hater I'm wishing you luck on losing those last few pounds because we don't want you on the fat side with us.  Your piglet personality is to obnoxious for us to swallow.

Now go kick M & Ms!

Katie Hopkins before and after she intentionally gained 50 pounds

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