Monday, July 14, 2014

Curvy Momager Fitness | 10,000 steps

I finally kicked off my return to fitness this weekend.  I swear if hotel gyms existed at my home I'd be a work out queen.  There is something is really enjoyable about waking up early at a hotel and hitting their fitness room.  Maybe it's the fact of it being a different environment but whatever it is I need to bottle it up for when I return home.

I've heard a lot about a step challenge and thought it would be a good way for me to continue - Photo Cred
working out.  10,000 steps is not an easy fete although we may think we do plenty of walking in a day to accomplish it.  Normally I have about 5,000 according to my trusty pedometer.  Talking to several friends that have the fancy Fitbits they also tell me they average between 3 - 5 too.

Even though I've been on such a huge kick to RUN THIS 5K, walking can prove to help me increase my time as well.  I started out walking with a combination of running to get to my first mile on the treadmill.  Let's face it there are days where this momager doesn't want to lace up the running shoes and pound the still hasn't become a love of mine to run.  So on those days, walking is a great option for me.  Burning an average of 300 calories for a hour walk that feels much better on the knees is fine with me.  I'm not going to give up on my 5K goal but think I want to try this 10K step challenge over the next month (still including some runs) to help whittle the old waistline down.  If you are interested in changing it up a bit here is a great resource to use to plan a walking workout, How to Start Walking for Exercise. - Photo Cred
Remember to get in 10K a day you are going to have to do a little more than just walking around work.  Plan to park a little further AND getting in a minimum of a mile walk each day.  If you fall short on one day, don't sweat it try some of these suggestions to help you reach your goal:

  • Walk your four legged friend
  • Stairs...yep, they can get your steps increased in no time
  • Walk.To.The.Store.  Yes it's a foreign concept in this day and age but remember when you were 12 and couldn't drive.....
  • Find a walking group.  Some groups meet at local parks or even at the mall.  You could get some "window" shopping done.
  • Play outside with your kids
  • Clean out the garage.  I wonder how many times you have to walk to the dumpster?
  • Create a great playlist.  Refresh it every other week!

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  1. We have a 10000 steps a day group on Facebook. Most of us use Withings Pedometer !
    You may want to check it out..