Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mama Said | A Little Social EXP

I'm always trying something new on the blog and the newest will be a series of social experiments or as I call Social EXP with my mom squad.  The first experiment I conducted was with Ms. Jennifer Pink, Single Mama Advocate and newly published author.  She is always down for something new and exciting so she quickly joined me for this Social Exp.

The Experiment:  Do men still have gentlemanly manners?  During the timeframe (the clock) notice if men treat you differently as far as manners are concerned when you are:

A.  Dressed up
B.  Hangin' in sweats

Do they open doors, let you go first on elevators, offer their seat?  Notice each interaction and report back with your findings (The Play).

The clock: 1 week

The Play:

I came up with the experiment because I noticed when moving from the EC to the WC, some guys
truly weren't as mannerly.  Maybe I'd been spoiled by my EC brothers.  After all I'd lived my entire life there and it was what I was use to so moving to a small town where I truly am a minority could have thrown me off my game.

During the week long experiment I did notice however that maybe I'd been wrong about the manners of guys in Bakersfield.  It was noticeable that when dressed up things were different.  The last day of the experiment I was blown away.  Walking into a gas station a gentleman (an older one, 60ish) ran to open the door for me as I started to place my hand on the knob he yelled, "Let me get that for you."  Now before you start with oh he was trying to flirt, NOPE not at all.  He mannerly opened the door, let me walk through I went my way in the station and he went his.  GEE manners do still live in the 2000s.  Oh and no I wasn't dressed to the nines, sundress and sandals with hair in a bun.  There you have it.

I spend most of my time at my lovely County job which is a Probation Office.  This may offset my answers because they are trained to be respectful and polite as well as address everyone by last name with title most times.  Also I never am out in sweats anymore, thanks to my image consultant LOL!  Being all dolled up in stilettos to work or maybe an occasional flat is my new normal.

I discovered that yes, they (men) go out of their way to open doors.  Like getting up from across the room when they see I'm coming in through the door.  They address me as First Lady, Ms. Davis or Ms. Jennifer.  Outside of work I'm mainly at home with the babies so not much interaction.  At the kids school it's mainly women, the older men usually do use manners, the younger ones act as if they don't see anyone.

Xs and Os:  Most guys do possess gentlemanly manners.  Both of the experiments proved that but some of these young thunder cats need to work on it a little.  Possibly I'm getting old when I notice the difference between what older and younger men do or don't do.  Could I be seeking the attention of the young thunder cat and wasn't getting it?  Nah, no GRANDTHOT status here.  Manners are important so brothers keep showing theses youngins how to treat a lady.  Don't push past her to get through the door, open the DAM door and don't expect her to hold it open for you before she walks through (true story).

Thanks Ms. Jennifer Pink for doing the experiment with me.  You have a little surprise coming in the mail.  Mamas check out her new book dedicated to single mamas.  Visit her website and order your book today, Prayers of a Single Mom.  More Social EXPs coming soon, this was great fun <said in my cheerleader voice.>


Curvy Momager

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