Tuesday, April 21, 2015

LMLIM | In the Kitchen

What can I say, we made the craziest looking recipe from the back of the Food Network TV Magazine.  If you are a subby you know that each month they put a recipe on the last page and ask the readers to name it.  Well Talia and I missed the cut off to send in our name but we still decided to make the dish.  Now when I tell ya it was ammmaahhhhzing I. AM. NOT. LYING.  I mean it was like Pharrell's, "Because I'm Happy" came on when I took the first bite into this, this, I don't even have a category for it.  It's kinda like carnival food.

Cole slaw, homemade fried chicken tender, waffle cone, mashed potatoes with jalapenos are just a few of the ingredients in the recipe.  Talia and I had to tag team to make it because of the many
different components.  If you are an every day cooking mama you shouldn't have a problem but it was also tons of fun to include her in the process.

The assembly was the best part, we couldn't figure out how to eat it at first.  So we just dove in and we were all smiles when we did.  It can get a little messy during eating but just grab a napkin and keep on going.  We also finally decided on our own name for this delish treat......the envelope please.

Chicken & Waffles On Da Go

Try it, the recipe is on my IG account and don't forget to let us know how you loved it because it's beyond like honey!  Extra sit ups for me tonight - still working on this vacation body.


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